Analysis of a statically indeterminate 3D truss

Aims and expectations at this course

Our expectation after you study:

1- Creating Wire type part

2- Modeling in US units system (Inch)

3- Defining truss element

4- Calculating stress related to each element.

5- Observing internal force of each element of truss with analytical method (Castigliano’s method)

6- Using software Maple to write and solve the equations of Castigliano’s method

Consider the simple, pin-jointed truss with 7 members shown in the figure. The support points (C, D, E, F) are gripped into a vertical wall, so that, they can translate in no direction. We are willing to calculate the axial stress produced in the member AD by the vertical load of 1000 lb symbolized by P, which is applied at joint A. To verify the result, also, it will be compared with the precise analytical solution mentioned in reference [1]. All members have the same cross-sectional area of 1 in2, and the same modulus of elasticity of 30×106 psi. Furthermore, the dimensions are given in foot.

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