Static Analysis of 3 bars under thermal and mechanical loads, connected to a rigid beam (Method 2)

Aims and expectations at this course

Our expectation after you study:

1- Modifying an existing model to create a new model.

2- Modeling wire type deformable and rigid parts separately

3- Using MPC constraint to connect two points together.

As the Figure shows, a rigid beam, AB, hanged via 3 vertical bars with the same lengths and cross sectional areas (0.1 in2). The middle bar is made from steel while the others are from copper. The temperature of bars increases 10 oF and a load of Q=4000 lb is applied on middle of the rigid beam. We are aiming to calculate the stresses in all bars, firstly and then, compare them with the results given in reference [1]. The material properties have been presented in Table 1.

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